The spread of Covid-19 across the globe has impacted every one of us. The majority of us are staying at home, where we’re working, learning, and teaching remotely. Many students are in dilemma to wait till Spring 2021 or to take a year gap.

Instead of giving a year gap, we recommend students to opt either for Spring 21 or choose the MicroMasters program.
MicroMasters programs are a series of online graduate-level courses offered by universities through edX that one can take to develop standalone skills for career advancement or earn graduate-level credentials from its respective universities, equivalent to a semester of a full master’s degree.
A MicroMasters program is an online postgraduate-level qualification, offered through edX, designed to advance your career by providing deep learning in specific career fields.

How long does it take to complete one?

The duration of each program varies depending on the course. Some take as short as a few months while others can take over a year. They are flexible in nature, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Attending a Micromasters Program

Micromasters are open to everyone, and there are no admissions requirements for any of the programs. However, certain courses will have a prerequisite coursework requirement, either in the form of college-level courses or other Micromasters courses. For example, a course on corporate finance may require that you have already taken the financial accounting course within the same program. Also, to earn your verified Micromasters certificate, you must complete all of the courses that make up the program.

Micromasters programs are a series of courses centered on a single subject that either prepares you for career advancement or for a master’s degree program with a participating university. Micromasters programs, which are available to everyone and have no admissions requirements, also allow you to swap your Micromasters program certificate for credits towards a full master’s degree at select partner universities.

“After earning a MicroMasters certification, learners can immediately apply their new knowledge to further their career, or they can apply to an on-campus program and put their MicroMasters credential toward completing a master’s degree,”

The MicroMasters certification on a resume means that the candidate has completed a career-focused program backed by a top-tier educator and some of the most respected businesses worldwide. They provide deep learning in a specific career field and are recognized by employers for their real job relevance. A MicroMasters certificate program is designed to be a continued and targeted education to move forward in a specific field of work or it can be the stepping stone to expediting the completion of a Master’s degree. These MicroMasters programs are being offered in many fields, however, there is a strong focus on new technology skills areas like AI, IoT, robotics, and data science.


Question 1: Is the MicroMasters credential transferable to any school for credit?

In most instances, it will only be the institution offering the MicroMasters program that will grant credit. There are some schools beginning to offer credit for other university’s MicroMasters programs (if this is the case it is listed on the MicroMasters program detail page.) To find out which universities are offering credit, visit each program’s page.

Question 2: Does completion of a MicroMasters credential guarantee admission to a university Master’s program?

Earning a MicroMasters credential does not guarantee admission to a full Master’s program. If you apply and are accepted into the on-campus or online degree program that is associated with your MicroMasters program, the MicroMasters credential will count toward the degree. MicroMasters credentials are also a valuable addition to academic portfolios as the credential offers a pathway to credit.

To successfully earn a MicroMasters credential you must finish all courses/capstones with passing grades (determined by each university) and earn Verified Certificates for each course. Please contact the university or visit the Master’s Degree page on the institution’s website to identify eligibility requirements to apply to the Master’s program.

Question 3: Would taking a MicroMasters program, like the Supply Chain MicroMasters program, help get me a job?  

All MicroMasters programs are career-oriented, created by top universities, and recognized by leading employers. While earning a MicroMasters credential does not guarantee a job, adding this credential to your resume or C.V. signals to potential employers that you have gained the critical knowledge and in-demand skills to stand out in your field. For example, the Supply Chain Management program at MIT is the #1 supply chain program in the world, and the MicroMasters program is endorsed by industry leaders at Walmart.

Question 4: How much does a MicroMasters program cost?

To receive a MicroMasters credential you need to enroll in the Verified Certificate track in each of the MicroMasters courses in the series. The prices can vary across courses and specific MicroMasters programs, but generally, range between $600-$1,400 per program. You can find the prices on the individual course pages or the specific program page.

I hope this article helps the students to decide to choose their course instead of waiting for one academic semester/year.




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