The word ‘STEM’ seems to be gaining popularity in academia around the world these days, and for those confused, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It’s a term that is used to simplify the diverse range of subjects that fall under these four categories. Besides, it was originally popularised by the USA where education policies that focused on STEM degrees were first implemented.

Here are the comparative analysis between the STEM courses offered at the undergraduate level by the three major countries in international education- United Kingdom, United States (USA) and Canada.

The average annual fees in the United States of America (USA) is comparatively higher than that in the United Kingdom and Canada. The average tuition fees for STEM courses is $50,100, comparatively higher than that in United Kingdom (£9,000 – £38,000), and CAD (33,000 to 33,700) in Canada.

The United States has the highest number of STEM courses, 76 per cent of international students are enrolled in STEM courses. In the United Kingdom, the second-highest number of foreign students are enrolled in Engineering and Technology programmes (52,635) students. Meanwhile, in 2017-18, 4,94,244 students were pursuing STEM programmes in Canada.

The petroleum engineering is the highest-paid all over the world, with a candidate can expect an average salary of $129,990, while Computer Engineering ($111,730), and Mathematics ($111,110) per annum.

STEM Courses in the UK

According to a report published by CaSE or Campaign for Science and Engineering, the UK has a solid research base in the STEM fields and is responsible for 15 per cent of the world’s most significant academic papers. The UK has long been a favoured destination for international students due to its high quality of classroom education and excellent career prospects.

Thanks to Brexit and the changes in immigration policies it entails, Indians are expected to find it easier and fairer to study and find jobs in the UK. This is because the free movement and scholarly advantages that the EU citizens used to enjoy have now been curtailed, facilitating more Indians to work and study in the UK.

The following are some of the top STEM courses in the UK available to UG students:

B.Eng in Mathematics and Computer Science (Hons)

Offered by – Imperial College London

About – This degree is taught jointly by the Departments of Computing and Mathematics. It is aimed at providing a firm foundation in pure mathematics, numerical analysis and statistics, along with the essentials of software development and programming.

B.Eng in Aerospace Engineering

Offered by – University of Manchester

About – This degree provides students with the basics required to start a career in the aerospace industry which includes design, development, testing and operation of vehicles and systems, along with other areas of focus like research and management too.

STEM courses in USA

According to a 2015 survey conducted by the Council of Graduate Schools and the Graduate Record Examinations Board, 55 percent of all US graduates in STEM fields were international students. The reason behind such large numbers of international students is that the USA has some of the best STEM colleges in the world. With institutes like Caltech and MIT topping all global rankings for a number of years in a row, it’s no surprise that the USA is one of the most sought-after destinations for international students.

Studying in the USA has always been a huge financial investment, and students looking to recoup their investments by working in the country after their studies. Even then, there are a huge number of people willing to chase the American Dream.

The following are some of the top UG STEM courses in the USA:

B.Sc in Computer Science

Offered by – California Institute of Technology

About – This program provides a strong base for students in the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of computer science. The following are some of the areas that are covered within this degree: Algorithms and Complexity, Graphics, Machine Learning and AI, Robotics and Control Systems.

B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering

Offered by – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

About – This program focuses on the core principles of mechanical engineering and places a heavy emphasis on practical applications outside the classroom. The course covers areas like mechanics and materials, dynamics and controls, hydrodynamics etc.

STEM Courses in Canada

With much easier routes to secure permanent residency and find post-study work, it’s no surprise that Canada has become one of the top destinations in the world for international students looking to study STEM courses.

One of the reasons for Canada’s popularity as a study abroad destination is the cost. Many universities in Canada like the Memorial University and Brandon University offer high-quality education at very low tuition fees compared to the universities in the US and the UK.

Canada also offers a post-graduation work permit for up to 3 years and has permanent residency pathways that are available to students who complete their degrees from particular regions.

The following are some of the top STEM courses in the country:

B.Sc in Computer Science

Offered by – The University of Alberta

About -This program is designed to equip students with the technical knowledge and the problem-solving skills needed in the IT and computer science industry. The program consists of the following areas of study: practical programming methodology, algorithms, computer organization and architecture, systems, and logic, amongst others.

B.Sc in Biotechnology

Offered by – Carleton University

About – The biotechnology program is designed to have a balance between theoretical learning and instructional lab work, providing students with the experience to solve problems that they will face in their professional careers. The following are some areas of study covered by this course: molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, mycology, evolutionary genetics.


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